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Making that perfect meal each night is a challenge for many Americans. But having the right tools in the kitchen, knowing the shortcuts and staying ahead of the trends will help you make restaurant-quality meals at home.

Our goal at Kitchenware Today is to provide the latest info on products for the kitchen, what’s happening in the world of food and beverages and the kitchenware that is now on the shelves and webpages of retailers large and small.

In each piece of content we share, we’ll offer facts mixed with some unique insights that come from covering a business for many years. While other sites will tell you what is happening, we’ll go a step further and tell you why.

The site is led by founder and editor Greg Sleter who has extensive experience covering the housewares/retailing industry from his many years at HomeWorld Business and Gourmet Insider.

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To send your ideas for content or to share a press release, please reach out via email at gms@kitchenwaretoday.com.