Survey: Americans Found Their Culinary Mojo And Will Keep Cooking

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Forced by the global pandemic to stay home with greater frequency a large number of Americans sharpened their culinary skills in 2020, which helped boost sales of kitchenware products.

With 2021 underway, the increased confidence many now have in their ability to cook quality meals at home is expected to continue, according to Wave Two of the Food Study Special Report from Hunter, a food and beverage public relations firm.


“As restrictions from the pandemic remain in place, it’s inspiring to see how resilient Americans have become,” said Heddy DeMaria, chief insights officer at Hunter. “They continue to channel their energies into the kitchen, adopting habits that bring joy, spark creativity and strengthen family bonds.”

Hunter’s latest survey, which was conducted in December, revealed that Americans continue to cook more (51%) and bake more (41%) than they did at the same time a year ago. 

Although those figures may not surprise some, also of note is that more than 7 in 10 survey respondents who are cooking more said they intend to continue to do so after the pandemic ends. This is a 20-point increase from April of 2020. 

Reasons for the commitment to home cooking vary and include saving money (67%), eating healthier (56%) and feeling good (56%). Additionally, half of the survey respondents said they have greater confidence in their cooking abilities while 25% say they are learning and continuing to build their confidence. 

Now, with more consumers feeling comfortable in their kitchens and allowing their culinary creative juices to flow, the demand for kitchenware products should remain strong. How product suppliers and retailers respond to the continuing trend will be something to watch in the year ahead.