Anova Debuts High-Heat Baking Steel

    Anova's new Baking Steel.

    Anova wants to help consumers who own the company’s Precision Oven boost their home baking game and has debuted its Precision Baking Steel.

    Manufactured in the United States by Baking Steel, the metal sheet is touted as an indestructible, ultra-heat-efficient alternative to the baking stone. 

    Designed to transfer large amounts of heat quickly and evenly, the new sheet is said to provide quality results when baking a host of items ranging from artisanal bread to pizza. 


    According to Anova, thin-crust pizzas are best when baked quickly, which in commercial settings is done in ovens at temperatures of more than 900° Fahrenheit. While home ovens are unable to achieve such high temperatures, this is where the Baking Steel comes in.

    Using thermal heat conductivity, the Baking Steel at a temperature of 480° Fahrenheit is said to deliver as much heat as a baking stone at temperatures produced in wood-fired ovens.

    Weighing 13.6-pounds, the Baking Steel is priced at $99.