Anyday Aims To Take The Mystery Out of Microwave Cooking

    Anyday, microwave cookware
    Anyday's microwave cookware.

    Cooking in the microwave has long been a kitchen conundrum for many home chefs, but Anyday feels it may have a solution to that problem.

    The company is launching a line of cookware designed to allow consumers to create meals entirely in the microwave. Founded by Steph Chen, Anyday is teaming with David Chang, founder of Momofuku Restaurant Group and creator of the Netflix series Ugly Delicious.

    Anyday officials said the company is on a mission to save people time in the kitchen by demystifying microwave cooking and bringing greater awareness to this misunderstood and underutilized kitchen appliance.


    The initial assortment includes four products: large and medium Deep Dishes that are designed for cooking grains, soups and one-dish meals; and large and medium Shallow Dishes designed for cooking proteins and vegetables.

    Made with frosted glass, silicone and stainless steel, Anyday products can be used for cooking, serving and storing food.

    All products come with a microwave cooking guide that includes a directory of cook times for various vegetables, grains, meat, fish and seafood. 

    Anyday’s founder Chen is no stranger to the cookware segment. She serves as chief of staff at Meyer Corporation, one of the kitchenware industry’s largest cookware suppliers that is owned by her family.