At Home Debuts Natural Wonders Collection

At Home
At Home's new stoneware dinner bowl.

At Home has launched several exclusive collections that include Natural Wonders, which features a host of items for kitchen and dining.

According to officials with the home decor superstore, Natural Wonders features products that are organic, layered and modern. This allows consumers to create an authentic, welcoming feel in the home with products showcasing botanical accents, clean lines and natural textures. 

“This new collection is full of pieces that feel unique and intentional,” said Kristian Lazzaro, vice president of Trend and Design for At Home. “The line offers modern silhouettes combined with organic shapes and pieces that embrace the imperfection of natural forms.”


Natural Wonders’ kitchen and dining assortment is comprised of 35 items ranging from dinnerware, serveware and linens. We’ve picked our four favorite items, which are below. 

Priced at $5.99, the bowl captures the spirit of several design and functionality trends. Stoneware remains a popular material in dinnerware, while the black finish makes a striking presentation on the table. The dinner bowl concept is one seen with greater frequency as consumers seek out a vessel that will contain their one-pot meals.

At Home
At Home set of four stacked mugs.

Priced at $14.99, the set of four mugs combines functionality and whimsy. Standing just more than 15-inches in height, the set is comprised of four black mugs and a black metal rack. Each 14-ounce mug offers a saying that is morning-related: “over my decaffeinated body,” “not a morning person,” “vitamin C stand for caffeine, right?” and “don’t speak yet.”

Everyone wants to bring the bar experience to their home and this set of three tools will help with the goal. Made from a mix of brass and wood, the set is priced at $19.99.

Smaller in size than the dinner bowl, the tidbit bowl is perfect for a bowl of cereal in the morning or an after-dinner snack. Made of stoneware, the bowl measures 3.-8-inch in width. And with a price of $2.99 each, consumers can build a collection for the entire family.