Betty Bossi Bakeware Accessories Set For Holiday Season

    Betty Bossi
    Betty Bossi's Croissant Roller.

    With the holiday baking season fast approaching, kitchenware supplier Betty Bossi is showcasing several items aimed specifically at the American baker. 

    Among the products now available are the Wonderbox, Apple Grater, Deco Cream Whipper and the brand’s extensive Roller line. 

    “As we were planning for 2020, we felt that the American consumer would be excited about products that make it easier to bake spectacular desserts and pastries,” said Steve White, director of Business Development for Kuhn Rikon, the North American distributor of Betty Bossi products. “The response has exceeded our expectations.”


    The Wonderbox is an easy-to-use set for making homemade pastry in the shapes of mini-pinwheels, small parcels and tiny, tasty boats. It creates shaped tidbits, sweet or savory, using puff pastry or tarte flambee and a variety of fillings. Recipes are included for Ham Pinwheels, Sausage Meat Boats, Apricot & Marzipan Parcels, among others.

    Betty Bossi
    Betty Bossi’s Deco Cream Whipper.

    Mini-croissants are fun to make at home with the Betty Bossi Croissant Roller.  Just roll it over dough for precision cutting, and then place your filling of choice into the marked indentation on the dough.  

    The Croissant Roller is part of the Betty Bossi Roller Collection, which also includes the Rose Roller for fancy filled pastries and the Jalousie Roller for popular lattice-style bites.

    Cinnamon-laced apple pastry fillings are one of many reasons that the Betty Bossi Apple Grater is in demand. The Apple Grater gets the job done quickly, leaves no mess and automatically separates the core during the process.  Juice is captured in the bottom compartment, while the Apple Grater keeps your hands and work surface clean.

    The Betty Bossi Deco Cream Whipper adds a flourish to cream tarts, cakes, desserts and quiches. Serving as one device with two functions, it whips and decorates with the same gadget. With the Deco Cream Whipper, it just takes a few minutes to add a fancy, special touch to your culinary creation.