Betty Bossi Features The Rose Roller

    Betty Bossi
    Betty Bossi's Rose Roller.

    Betty Bossi is looking to give bakers a chance to add special decorative touches to pastries made at home with one of its top-selling gadgets.

    The Rose Roller is touted by the company as a creative baking accessory that requires no special training to use. Simply roll across the dough to cut fluted strips that look like rose petals. Once a filling is added, each strip is then rolled up into a pastry flower. 

    The roller is ideal for doughs up to 1/8-inch thick, so home cooks can use their imaginations in choosing fillings and flavors. A full-color insert includes recipes for Cheesy Bacon Roses, Beef & Parmesan Roses, Apple Almond Roses, Caramel Roses with Nuts, and more.


    The Betty Bossi Rose Roller, one of nine items in the Betty Bossi Roller collection, is priced at $9.99.