BlendJet Whips Up Its BlendJet 2 Personal Blender

    The BlendJet 2 is offered in a variety of colors.

    BlendJet has released its next-generation portable blender — BlendJet 2— which follows the original version that sold more than 1 million units.

    The sequel features offset stainless steel blades to create a tornado effect that is said to blast ingredients into the back of the jar 275 times per second. The new personal blender allows consumers to make a variety of items including lattes, milkshakes, slushies, baby food, dips and dressings.

    “I used smoothies and protein shakes to help me recover from a serious head injury,” says Ryan Pamplin, CEO of BlendJet. “I’m a lifelong entrepreneur, so as soon as I got better, I was driven to create a product that helps people live longer and healthier lives.”


    With a double-press of the power button, BlendJet 2 operates as a powerful food processor that pulverizes veggies, fruits and nuts. The unit is equipped with a waterproof USB-C port and delivers 15-plus blends per charge. At 16-ounces, the jar holds 33% more than the original BlendJet and has measurement markings to ensure ingredients are perfectly portioned.

    On the blender base, a ring of light around the power button illuminates and animates to indicate the blending mode (Blend, Pulse, or Lock Mode), as well as battery level while charging.

    BlendJet 2 comes in 16 colors and is water-resistant, so consumers don’t have to worry about getting liquid in the USB-C port or accidentally submerging BlendJet 2 in the sink.