E-tailer Cantine Française Features Upscale French Kitchenware

Cantine Francaise carries a broad assortment of French kitchenware.

Home chefs seeking quality kitchenware from the top brands in France now have a place in the United States to shop and purchase the items they need.

Cantine Française’s new online store is offering a host of French kitchen products and home goods that are not easily found in the U.S. The online retailer is based in Lakeville, Conn. 

The store’s assortment features various kitchenware including copper, cutlery, knives, glasses, linens, pans, bakers, crockery, teapots and wine accessories. Featured brands include Déglon, Artiga, Cristel, de Buyer, Revol, Le Pompon, Opinel, L’Atelier du Vin, Peugeot, La Rochère, Panier Des Sens, Pillivuyt, Appolia and Degrenne.


Cantine Prestige is the company’s elite collection of unique items. Here, customers can find Cristel’s Casteline cookware collection for $1,400, L’Atelier du Vin’s 18-piece Wine Curiousity Cabinet for $1,700, Peugeot’s 42” handcrafted lacquer pepper mill for $1,250, and other rare finds.

The retailer also offers various handblown champagne, water and wine glasses under its Bocage line produced by La Rochère. This collection includes La Rochère’s six-piece wine glass, water glass, and champagne flute glass sets, which are all priced at $160.