Chef Avenue Takes To Kickstarter For Omnipan Launch

    Omnipan's Mega Set.

    Cookware supplier Chef Avenue has launched its Omnipan on Kickstarter and as part of the promotion is offering two sets as rewards.

    The kitchenware supplier’s starter set and mega set are offered with a combination of various sizes of Omnipan. Each set is packed in a box made from recycled material and comes with a 176-page hardcover cookbook with recipes specifically created for Omnipan. 

    “Our goal is to design high-quality cookware to make everyday cooking effortless,” said Seema Shenoy, founder and CEO of Chef Avenue. “We are excited to launch this much-awaited cookware innovation on Kickstarter.”


    According to the company, Omnipan’s multifunctionality allows home cooks to prep, cook, bake, and steam with ease. The cookware is able to withstand temperatures of up to 450° Fahrenheit and offers a food-grade, chemical-free and high-performance silicone material that features patent-pending technology.

    The cookware’s modular and compact design maximizes storage space in any kitchen cabinet or drawer. The three pan sizes and shapes are constructed to nest within one another.