Chemex Celebrates 80 Years of ‘Unique’ Coffee Making


    Chemex Corporation is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its Chemex coffeemaker, which features a design and functionality that has not changed since its introduction. 

    Dating back to the 1930s, Dr. Peter Schlumbohm was in his Manhattan workshop experimenting with chemical reactions using various labware in an effort to brew what he felt is the perfect cup of coffee.

    In 1941, the Chemex coffeemaker and brand were created, both of which would soon have a loyal following. Today, Chemex coffeemakers are manufactured in Massachusetts where every item is inspected, polished and hand-tied and every filter is cut. 


    To celebrate this milestone the company is launching unique and celebratory products. This includes items such as the Limited Edition 80th Anniversary Handblown Chemex with a hand-turned wooden collar, arriving in vintage-inspired screen printed packaging.  

    Also offered is the 80th Anniversary Chemex featuring the “Official 80th Anniversary Logo” in Chemix blue.

    Chemex will also be showcasing a timeline on its website and through social media, which tells the story of the company and the coffeemaker. The timeline can be found here.