Cook’s Country Picks The Best Graters

    Rosle, grater
    The Rӧsle paddle grater.

    With a plethora of kitchen tools now available to consumers, the grater is a needed item to help with meal preparation that can go overlooked.

    Most graters fall under the box grater designation, although there are a few that have broken free of the familiar rectangular shape to offer a sleek design in a paddle-style

    The challenge for consumers is choosing the grater that best fits their needs.


    To help home cooks select the right grater, the July 7 issue of Cook’s Country magazine reviewed several graters. Two were highly recommended, one was recommended and two were recommended with reservations.

    Highly Recommended

    Rӧsle Coarse Grater
    Model: 95022; Price: $35.93
    Rated Best Paddle-Grater
    Cook’s Country comments: With one of the largest grating surfaces and ultrasharp teeth, (Cook’s Country’s) previous favorite effortlessly shredded foods of all sizes and textures.

    Cuisinart Box Grater
    Model: CTG-00-BG; Price $11.95
    Rated Best Box-Style Grater
    Cook’s Country Comments: This box grater had a large, long grating surface studded with stamped teeth that were just a hair less keen that those of our favorite paddle grater.


    Microplane Specialty Series 4-sided box grater
    Model: 34006; Price $34.47
    Cook’s Country Comments: With fairly sharp etched teeth, this box grater did a good job of shredding most foods. Cheese was a little difficult to shred.

    Recommended with Reservations

    Oxo Good Grips Etched Box Grater with Removable Zester
    Model: 11231700; Price: $29.95
    Cook’s Country Comments: We loved this model’s large, rubbery handle and stable grippy base. But it struggled to grate soft cheese.

    Cuisipro 4-sided Box Grater
    Model: 746850; Price: $31.00
    Cook’s Country Comments: The handle of this etched grater was comfy, but the narrow holes clogged easily.