Cook’s Country Chooses Top Electric Knife Sharpeners

    Chef'sChoice, knife
    Chef'sChoice Model 15XV electric knife sharpener.

    Having a properly sharpened knife is a vital tool for today’s home chef, but finding the right electric sharpener is a challenging endeavor for many.

    In its February/March edition, Cook’s Country reviewed a host of electric sharpeners that are now available. Of the units reviewed, there were four standouts; two that were highly recommended, one that was recommended and one that was recommended with reservations.

    Highly Recommended


    Chef’sChoice Trizor 15XV Knife Sharpener
    Model: 15; Price: $139.99
    Sharpening Method: Three stages: two diamond-coated steel disks (one coarse and one medium) and a flexible stropping disk. 
    Cook’s Country Comments: The unit produced exceptional and consistent results. Narrow, spring-loaded slots made it easy for testers to maintain a consistent angle as the knife was moved through the three slots.

    Chef’s Choice 315XV Knife Sharpener
    Model: 315; Price: $109.99
    Sharpening Method: Two stages: medium-abrasive diamond-coated steel disk and flexible stopping disk
    Cook’s Country Comments: A more compact version, testers noticed only a minor difference in cutting performances between the knife sharpened with the 315XV and the knife sharpened with the 15XV.


    Work Sharp Culinary E5 Kitchen Knife Sharpener with Ceramic Honing Rod
    Model: E5; Price: $159.97
    Sharpening Method: One-stage: ceramic oxide abrasive belt, plus separate ceramic honing rod.
    Cook’s Country Comments: While easy to use, the results were inconsistent. If the knife was not held in the correct position in the slots, testers often found a spot along the blade that was less sharp than other parts.

    Recommended With Reservations

    Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Editon
    Model: WSKTS-KO-W; Price: $129.95
    Sharpening Method: One-stage: five abrasive belts of varying coarseness
    Cook’s Country Comments: Touted as a “little powerhouse,” testers said they got “dazzling” sharpening results but made a mess of the counter with metal filings. Also, the exposed rotating belts were called “daunting.”