Cookware Company Taps Cooking Expertise In Developing Appliance Line

Cookware Company, Williams Sonoma
Cookware Company's new ultimate gourmet grill.

As its name clearly states, the Cookware Company is best known for its assortment of cookware that features its ceramic non-stick coating. 

Now, the company is taking its expertise in cookware and cooking and expanding into the crowded world of countertop appliances, debuting its assortment exclusively with Williams Sonoma. Products currently available include the Essentials pan, stainless-steel slow cooker and ultimate gourmet grill.

In launching the new line, the company focused its efforts on creating products that maintain its position in the world of cooking, but with items offering unique designs and features. It also brought in kitchen appliance veteran Jill Orent, formerly of Cuisinart and Groupe SEB, in early 2020 to lead the electrics product development effort.


To offer insight into the new appliance line, Cookware Company CEO ​​Jacob Maurer spoke with Kitchenware Today. He discussed the inspiration behind the collection and the effort made to have the electrics line focus on food preparation.

KITCHENWARE TODAY: What were the motivation factors that drove the development of Cookware Company’s initial countertop appliance assortment? 
JACOB MAURER: We were really interested in expanding the positioning of our healthy ceramic non-stick coating, which has allowed us to carve out a nice niche in cookware. In developing our new appliances we knew we didn’t want to just put our brand name on products. We wanted to offer items that had some significant innovation. What we have been able to do is bring our healthy ceramic non-stick coating to appliances. We designed the products from the ground up and wanted to create serious cooking vessels. It took us two years to develop the products.

KWT: What elements of cookware have been incorporated into the new appliances?
JM: The heart of it is our ceramic non-stick coating, but we developed a non-stick coating specifically for our small appliance line. The coating is designed to stand up to the pressure that builds in our electric pressure cooker. The nice thing also is that we manufacture our non-stock coating in the same factory where we produce our appliances, ensuring we make a really great product. We also carried over from cookware our message of cooking with products that have the consumer’s health & wellness in mind.

KWT: What steps were taken to make the products unique but still look familiar to consumers?
JM: First, we’re fortunate to have a super talented design team. When we started we wanted to bring certain design elements of our Premier cookware line such as brushed and polished finishes that would complement the cookware. It was also challenging to come up with products that were new and different that would not seem foreign to consumers and they would want to have the product in their kitchens.

KWT: Was there a target consumer in mind when developing the new line?
JM: Definitely our target was the same person that we speak to in cookware. They are someone more focused on health and wellness, someone who shops at farmer’s markets or buys organic meats and produce. That is where our toxin-free messaging really comes through. We are also looking to reach people who have an appreciation for good food. 

KWT: In addition to Williams Sonoma, will the new electrics line be available at other retailers?
JM: Right now our focus is on Williams Sonoma. They are our partners on our launch. But as time goes on, we will follow our channel distribution strategy.