Coravin Uncorks Addition To Pivot Wine Preservation Series

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    Coravin Pivot+ Wine Preservation System,

    Coravin is expanding its Pivot wine preservation series with the unveiling of its Pivot + Wine Preservation System.

    The new item includes a Pivot Aerator attachment that can be used with Coravin’s Pivot Device to aerate wine as it’s being poured. The aerator is said to provide the equivalent of 60 minutes to 90 minutes of decanting. It is priced at $129.

    “We have a deep-seated passion for wine and enhancing that experience for wine lovers everywhere,” said Christopher Ladd, chief executive officer for Coravin. “And now we are expanding on that mission. We’re excited to introduce Coravin to a broader wine enthusiast audience and share this by-the-glass experience on a wider scale.”


    The company introduced the Pivot Series this past November. It features a specially designed universal-fit Pivot Stopper that is used with the device to pour a single glass and preserve the remaining wine for up to four weeks. Starting at $99, the original Pivot system is available in four different colors: black, teal, coral and light grey.

    To use the Pivot Series, owners open their bottle of wine and replace the cork or screw cap with a Pivot Stopper. The Pivot Device is then inserted through the Stopper and replaces poured wine with 100% pure Argon gas to prevent oxygen from affecting the remaining wine. 

    The full list of items included in the standard and Pivot+ pack-outs includes:

    • Coravin Pivot: Pivot System, two Pivot Stoppers and one Coravin Pure Capsule
    • Coravin Pivot+: Pivot System, two Pivot Stoppers, two Coravin Pure Capsules and one Pivot Aerator

    The Pivot and Pivot+ models are available on, Amazon and through leading retailers.