Cuisinart’s EvolutionX Cordless Collection Now Available

EvolutionX, Hand Blender, Cuisinart
Cuisinart's EvolutionX cordless collection includes a hand blender.

Touting it as the start of a “cordless revolution,” Cuisinart’s new EvolutionX has officially arrived with five items now available on the company’s website.

Despite the newness of the cordless feature, each item should be familiar to all home cooks. They are hand blender, hand mixer, mini chopper, compact blender and 4-in-1 wine opener. 

When announcing the EvolutionX collection in early March, Cuisinart officials said the collection was designed to meet the needs of consumers. 


“We found a need for an electric appliance solution that works for small kitchens, kitchens with awkwardly placed outlets and most importantly, high-performing tools that provide chef-quality results no matter where you prep and entertain,” said Mary Rodgers, director of Marketing Communications for Cuisinart.

Product details and specifications for each item can be found here