Dash Eyes Growth Following Acquisition By Groupe SEB

    A Dash Deluxe Air Fryer.

    Within the world of kitchenware, the industry largely consists of privately-owned entrepreneurial companies that lead the way in developing new product designs or technologies that ultimately find a home in the kitchens of many Americans.

    Evan Dash.

    One such company is Storebound, parent of the Dash brand of kitchenware products. Recently, the supplier of a broad variety of items ranging from countertop kitchen electrics to cookware was acquired by Groupe SEB, the French conglomerate that owns brands such as All-Clad, Krups and T-Fal to name a few.

    The acquisition was a significant next step for Storebound’s founder, Evan Dash. Launching the company a decade ago, its Dash brand grew to gain placement with major retailers such a QVC, Target and Crate & Barrel


    Recently, Kitchenware Today spoke with Evan Dash to discuss how being apart of Groupe SEB will have a positive impact on future product development and what that will mean for consumers.

    KITCHENWARE TODAY: With Dash now apart of Groupe SEB, how will this benefit your product development efforts?
    EVAN DASH: We have always placed a tremendous focus on bringing innovation to the market, but we’ve done this with the limited resources of a small company. Groupe SEB possesses resources, technical expertise and manufacturing capabilities that we have only dreamed of until this point.

    KT: Are there areas of growth — new product categories, expanded presence at retail — that the company will now look to explore?
    ED: We have growth potential in front of us along many avenues, but our top priority is to continue to serve those retailers who have supported us with an even greater level of excellence.

    KT: How do you see Dash fitting in with Groupe SEB’s many other brands?
    ED: One of the most exciting aspects of this partnership is that we are so complementary to the current portfolio of brands at Groupe SEB. With our ability to resonate with younger generations and health-conscious consumers, we believe that we will serve a unique segment of the market that few companies have been able to endear themselves to.

    KT: What core competencies does Dash bring to Groupe SEB?
    ED: In addition to our first-hand expertise in retail, our approach to content production and digital marketing is unique for the industry. We also expect to accelerate our already fast pace of new product innovations.

    KT: Over the years, what has been key to Dash’s continued growth?
    ED: Our entire team works hard every day with one key objective — to win the hearts of the consumer. We want to delight them with fresh designs, inspire them with our content and welcome them into our community.

    KT: What is your message to your loyal consumers who have continued to support Dash and use its products as part of their daily cooking efforts?
    ED: For the consumer, the best is yet to come. Everything we do is with the end-user in mind and we are so appreciative of the overwhelming support from the Dash community.