Desire For Innovation Drives Development of FinaMill


    Alex Liu has spent many years developing and selling spice grinders and was looking for a new way to help consumers utilize freshly ground spices at home.

    There was a persistent voice in Liu’s head driving him to build off his love of freshly ground spices and develop something new and unique. The answer was FinaMill’s new interchangeable pods, which company officials said work just like drill bits with a power drill. 

    With that well-known combination top of mind, the company sought to create an easy-to-use system capable of single-handedly grinding multiple spices while defending against the cross-contamination of flavors.


    “The next 30 months saw us race from breakthrough to breakthrough and then, the perfect spice grinder we had for so long nurtured in our minds became a magical reality,” said Liu, FinaMill’s founder.

    According to the company, FinaMill unleashes the powerful and intense flavor and aroma of dried spaces. When using the system, the battery-operated spice grinder is pressed onto a FinaPod and a top button is pressed to grind the desired amount of spice. The interchangeable pods can easily be easily switched and are designed to avoid contamination. 

    FinaMill is designed to stand up to everyday use while the sleek, modern design allows consumers to keep the unit out on the kitchen counter. 

    “Now more than ever, busy people are at home multitasking and doing of their own cooking, all the while yearning for their favorite dishes from their frequented establishments,” Liu said. “Home chefs have discovered the easiest way to enhance the flavors of any dish is freshly ground spices. But we all know the pains and hardships of grinding spices with a mortar and pestle.”

    FinaMill is currently available for purchase at Amazon and at 

    Looking ahead, Liu said the company has many new innovations in the works. More immediately, FinaMill is planning to release additional colors, rechargeable options and several specialized pods.