Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful Kitchenware Back In Stock At Walmart

Drew Barrymore, beautiful
Drew Barrymore's Beautiful kitchen electrics collection at Walmart. (Photo: Beautiful Kitchenware)

The shelves and webpages at Walmart are once again stocked with countertop appliances from Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful kitchenware collection.

Among the items now back in stock are products in the collection’s two most popular colors; sage green and white icing. 

At the time of launch in March, the sage green air fryer sold out in less than 24 years. An initial restock saw the replenished air fryers sell out in about six weeks. Additionally, the white icing air fryer sold out about four weeks after launch.


A look at select products in the updated collections are below:

Launched in March 2021, Barrymore’s Beautiful assortment of kitchenware features a broad selection of electric and non-electric products. The assortment of kitchen electrics was designed in collaboration with Made by Gather and is founder/CEO Shae Hong. The non-electric products are designed by Lifetime Brands.