Duralex Brews Empilable Mug For Popular Cheese Foam Tea

    The new Empilable Mug from Duralex.

    French glassware supplier Duralex is expanding its assortment with the debut of its Empilable mug that is designed for Cheese Foam Tea, currently a popular drink on the Internet.

    Cheese Foam Tea is made with cold black or green tea that is topped with a foamy layer of milk, cream cheese and a sprinkle of salt. The clear glass mug from Duralex shows off the colors and swirls of this trending beverage blending French style with the Asian-inspired beverage.

    French for stackable, Empilable is a mug that is both transparent and strong. Duralex invented a tempering process that toughens up the company’s glassware to withstand daily wear and tear. The stackability and strength of the mugs make them versatile for both hot and cold beverages.


    Empilable mugs are made in France and if broken, shatter into small chunks rather than jagged shards. The mugs are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

    Find a Cheese Foam Tea recipe on the Duralex USA Facebook page.