Ecovacs Combines Vacuuming, Mopping Into New Robotic Vacs

    The Ecovacs D8+.

    Ecovacs has launched its Deebot N-Series of robot vacuums that feature a new mopping feature and the ability to assign different cleaning modes per room, including the kitchen.

    According to the company, the N8+ and N8 Pro+ are equipped with a host of features including laser mapping capabilities and object detection along with enhanced suction power and an Auto-Empty Station. Available on now and at Best Buy in April the N8+ is priced at $599 while the N8 Pro+ is priced at $699.

    The N8+ features 2,300 Pa suction power while the N8 Pro+ offers 2600 Pa suction power to remove stubborn dirt and debris in one pass.  Additionally, despite extremely high suction power, the N8+ and N8 Pro+ include a new fan motor design with added glass fiber to ensure each maintains a low noise level, even during high-suction power.


    The robotic vac’s TrueMapping technology is said to provide enhanced performance in larger spaces, more efficient cleaning, better obstacle detection and collision avoidance. 

    Powered by a dToF laser sensor, which is aerospace-standard detection technology found in drones and self-driving cars, TrueMapping technology can provide nearly twice the range (up to 10m) and 4-times greater accuracy compared to previous Deebot generations, company officials said. 

    The Ozmo Mopping System enables precise electronic water flow control, removing more than 99% of bacteria. Ozmo also includes auto-carpet detection when mopping so you don’t over wet floors and auto-boost when vacuuming on carpets, for a stronger clean. 

    An even more personalized cleaning experience is delivered with in-app advanced custom cleaning options, including being able to divide, merge and label rooms on different floors, and assign different cleaning modes per room/area (e.g. you can increase the suction power in the kitchen to remove stubborn food stains or select a lower level for the bedroom). 

    The N series also allows for the creation of virtual boundaries and voice-controlled commands through Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

    The Deebot N8+ and N8 Pro+ are also equipped with an auto-empty station, allowing both units to self-empty the dustbin into the station for months of maintenance-free cleaning.