FinaMill Designed For One-Handed Spice Grinding


    Today’s home chef knows the critical role fresh spices play in making the perfect meal and FinaMill is offering a new tool designed to help consumers achieve this goal.  

    FinaMill is an electric grinder that can be used with one hand. It is battery-operated and touted as a quicker and more efficient way of changing spices or spice mixtures while cooking. 

    The grinder is offered with interchangeable and refillable pods that can be used with dried spices, herbs, salt and pepper that can be easily swapped out. 


    Available in gray, white and cherry red, the unit is offered with two FinaPod Express and is priced at #29.97.

    FInaMill is also offering a new gift set bundle in gray, white and red. Priced at $47.91, the set includes a FinaMill, two FinaPod Express, a stackable pod tray and a FinaPod Pro that is designed for use with seeds that have a high oil content.

    Both grinders are currently available at Amazon.