Fissler Debuts Levital Non-Stick Cookware

    Fissler, Levital
    Fissler's Levital fry pan.

    With a focus on home cooks who are looking to cook healthier meals, Fissler has launched its Levital Comfort fry pan.

    Offering a non-stick coating the company touts as “exceptionally high-performing” and requiring little or no fat when cooking, the new cookware is made in Germany and in 2020 won the Germany Innovation Award.

    Heavier than the typical fry pan, it is said to provide superior heat transfer along with a high-sided body that is designed for frying or sautéing. 


    Levital’s coating is unusually dense because it combines PTFE particles of different sizes. This is said to solve a common problem with fry pans — carbon accumulating between particles and adhering, making the surface resinous and difficult to clean.

    The coating offered with Levital features smaller PTFE particles between larger ones, said by Fissler officials to provide an improved non-stick effect and maximum durability. It is also PFOA/PFOS-free. Use of silicone or wooden tools is recommended.

    Additionally, the pan’s Cookstar all-stove base is said to offer a high level of heat absorption, distribution and retention, and works on all stovetops, including induction. 

    The ergonomic premium safety handle is designed to be comfortable to hold for any sized hand, thanks to its elliptical cross-section design.  

    The integrated indention with a stopper on the handle makes the pan easier to grip when sautéing, and a thumb stop prevents slipping, even with wet hands. 

    The pan is dishwasher safe. To maintain the high performance of the non-stick coating, hand washing is preferred. It can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth since food will not stick to the surface. 

    Fissler’s Levital Comfort Fry Pans have a 5-year warranty and come in two sizes: 9.5-Inch for $109.95 and 11-Inch for $129.95.