FoodSaver Unseals Two New Food Preservation Units

    The FoodSaver VS2100 vacuum sealer.

    Consumers looking for a new tool to help preserve food at home may want to check the latest additions to the FoodSaver lineup.

    The new VS2100 vacuum sealer and the multi-use handheld vacuum sealer both offer a host of new features. 

    The VS2100 features built-in roll storage that accommodates 11-inch and 8-inch bags along with a cutter bar allowing for the creation of custom-sized bags. 


    Featuring moist and dry modes, the VS2100 creates an airtight seal for different food types, keeping food fresh up to five times longer and helping prevent freezer burn, according to the company. It also comes with an accessory hose and handheld adapter that makes it compatible with FoodSaver zipper bags, preserve & marinate containers and accessories. 

    FoodSaver’s new multi-use handheld vacuum sealer.

    Designed with smaller kitchens and efficiency in mind, the hand-held vacuum sealer’s compact size offers the same power as a full-sized FoodSaver device while saving counter space. 

    In addition to traditional vacuum sealing capabilities, like easily storing and preserving leftovers, this device also features a new marinate mode and is compatible with FoodSaver zipper bags, preserve & marinate containers and accessories, allowing home chefs to elevate the flavor of any meal in minutes.

    “The holiday season is known for bringing family and friends together over a delicious meal,” said Kris Malkoski, CEO, Food Business Unit at Newell Brands. “From marinating main dishes in minutes to storing leftovers for later, these new vacuum sealing innovations are sure to elevate the prep, flavor and cleanup of any home chef’s routine during the holidays and year-round.”

    The VS2100 Vacuum Sealer, starting at $134.99, and Microwaveable Meal Prep Bags, starting at $11.99 MSRP, can be purchased nationwide via, Amazon, Target, Walmart and other retailers.

    The Multi-Use Handheld Vacuum Sealer can be purchased nationwide at Target and Costco, starting at $49.99 MSRP with additional retailers to be announced in March 2022.