See Which 8 Air Fryers Forbes Says Are The Best

    Air Fryers, Philips
    The Philips air fryer.

    One of the hottest kitchenware product categories over the past five years has been air fryers.

    When a handful of product suppliers launched the first air fryers, they were uncertain what impact the new product would have or how consumers would receive it. Initially, air fryers were positioned as a healthy alternative to traditional deep frying. Units require only a small amount of oil when used to “fry” foods such as mozzarella sticks, chicken wings or French fries. 

    The concept caught on quickly with shoppers. In response, retailers made room on their shelves and web pages for air fryers and the product development cycle went into overdrive.


    Today, nearly every retailer that carries countertop electrics as part of their kitchenware assortment has a selection of air fryers.

    The category could see a new wave of product development, driven initially by Ninja. The company recently released details about its forthcoming Foodi 2-basket air fryer, the first of its kind. If history is a guide, other product suppliers will respond by offering their versions of 2-basket air fryers.

    But until then, consumers have a broad selection from which to choose. To help shoppers find the air fryer that works best for their specific needs, Forbes compiled a list of units by usage it says are the best.