Fotile Debuts ChefCubii Countertop Oven

    Fotile, ChefCubbii
    The ChefCubbii countertop oven.

    Fotile is entering the countertop appliance segment with the debut of its ChefCubii unit that is equipped with multiple cooking settings.

    The new countertop oven has a capacity of 1 cu.ft. and a large see-through window to allow home cooks to easily watch the cooking process. ChefCubii also offers four main cooking features that include:

    Steam Mode: Capable of three steam modes – low, regular or high – to create moisture in the oven resulting in a healthier cooking method.


    Bake Mode: Delivering four methods of baking for diverse cooking – True Convection Bake, Convection Bake, Broil and Steam-Bake – each offers a precise amount of heat for everything from delicate bakes to big cuts of meats and roasts.

    Air Fryer Mode: High-speed heat circulation extracts excess greases, and evenly cooks and crisps food from all angles – zero oil needed.

    Dehydrator Mode: Low-temperature drying creates versatile tastes, such as preservative-free, healthy snacks at home, while adequately retaining the food’s nutrients.

    Designed to modernize and simplify the overall cooking experience, the ChefCubii oven is also equipped with 40 preset smart recipes. It can prepare a variety of cuisines, including meats, seafood, vegetables, and even pastries, via built-in cook times and temperature controls.

    The oven is made with food-grade, 304 stainless steel and features a self-clean steam function said to ensure the countertop oven has no leftover odors or remaining food deposits.

    ChefCubii Series is now available for purchase on Fotile’s website or at Amazon for $499.