French Ceramic Producer Jars Unveils A New Spring Color

    Jars is offering Vuelta Nori as a new springtime color.

    For more than 150 years, Jars has been producing a host of ceramics in the South of France.

    Today, the company continues that tradition by offering a new color for spring, Vuelta Nori. Offering a Scandinavian feel, the iridescent cool green and white pearl stream down the cylindrical sides of the dishes and form a rich pool of color in the center circle at the bottom of the dish.

    Featuring a crackled texture and glass-like glaze said to be as durable as porcelain, the non-porous surface will not stain nor scratch. 


    Vuelta Nori is available in a dinner plate, dessert plate, soup plate, serving bowl and salad bowl. Prices range from $40 to $108 depending on the shape. This handmade stoneware is fired at around 2340° Fahrenheit.