GE Appliances Launches New Website

    GE's new countertop appliance collection.

    GE Appliances (GEA) has unveiled a new corporate website, Through both a modern and mobile-friendly design, the new website captures the spirit of the company’s legacy and its evolution.

    “Our number one goal is to be and be recognized as the leading appliance manufacturer in the U.S., and the debut of our new, innovative corporate website is another important step that will help us get there,” said Kevin Nolan, President and CEO of GE Appliances.

    He added, “Through the new site, we’ve captured the personality of our company and brought it to life. We’re able to build stronger connections and grow closer with our owners and customers, and we can provide a better understanding of not only who we are as an organization, but also the breadth of our global operations and its transformational impact in communities near and far.”


    Born in the U.S. and backed by Haier, the world’s largest appliance brand, GEA has reinvented itself as the fastest-growing appliance manufacturing company in the U.S., with more than a century of industry experience.

    The website launch is the latest element to GEA’s corporate story that will help elevate the company’s entire House of Brands and demonstrate GEA’s excellence in four key areas that serve as its foundation: Workplace, Innovation, Corporate Citizenship, and Leadership.

    Some of the innovative features of the new website also include:

    • Modern brand elements that elevate the iconic GEA design;
    • Motion and interactive design capabilities that engage user experience and highlight the complete House of Brands;
    • Inventor profiles from a diverse range of backgrounds;
    • Search optimization tools that strengthen company and brand recognition;
    • An interactive timeline that helps bring to life the innovative history and spirit of GE Appliances;
    • And a News & Journal page that provides both an additional digital storytelling tool for the business and a new platform for thought leadership articles from company leaders.