Grooms Becoming More Involved In Wedding Planning

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The wedding landscape has changed much over the years and men are more involved in planning and decision making, according to the wedding registry experts with The Dowry.

With grooms playing a greater role today as couples plan their big day, this could prove to be a boon to retailers and suppliers in the world of kitchenware

“Men are every bit as excited to hand-pick housewares for their homes and find home goods that express their personal design and home decor style,” said Megan Hodges Green, founder and CEO of The Dowry. “They are eager for handcrafted, American-made and items they can personalize.”


Officials with The Dowry said this trend was recognized by studying Google search engine activity for phrases such as “what to put on wedding registry for groom,” “best wedding registry items for guys,” and “groom registry ideas.” 

Specific to products that could be placed on a registry, The Dowry also reported an uptick of blog views for barware essentials, glassware guide and groom’s wedding gift registry.

Men seeking information on barware and glassware should come as no surprise to those in the kitchenware industry given the ongoing consumer desire to recreate the bar experience at home. 

Learning how to make bar-style cocktails and enjoying various wines with family and friends over the years has evolved from a trend to an activity that had been done with greater regularity prior to the onset of the pandemic. 

With life beginning to return to normal, kitchenware industry experts expect consumers — and most notably men — to want to “show off” their enhanced cooking abilities to family and friends. This is expected to keep sales of kitchenware products strong in 2021.

With more men involved in meal prep and home entertaining, this is expected to be positive for the registry business. 

“The modern groom isn’t satisfied standing on the sidelines of his own wedding,” said Green. “With the rise of many unique wedding registry types, creating your registry together is the way of the future. Couples are looking for special, personalized home goods and unique experiences to share.”