Hestan Offers Presale On New Thomas Keller Cookware

    Thomas Keller, Hestan
    Chef Thomas Keller.

    Fans of renowned chef Thomas Keller can bring some of his cooking expertise to their home kitchens.

    Two months after kitchenware supplier Hestan announced that Keller would serve as the company’s brand ambassador, it is now giving consumers the chance to pre-order cookware from its Thomas Keller collection.

    Consisting of several sets and open stock pieces, the Keller collection is designed for the serious chef. For example, the 11-piece Insignia set is made in Italy from triple-bonded stainless steel that features Hestan’s ProCore aluminum said to deliver 35% greater heat conductivity. 


    Designed by Keller, a highlight of the cookware are bespoke handles that offer enhanced comfort in the hand, have a strategically-placed heat vent to reduce heat transfer and are seamlessly fasted to the pots and pans to eliminate hard to clean areas.

    Hestan, Thomas Keller
    Hestan’s Thomas Keller collection 11-piece cookware set.

    The set includes a 1.5-quart sauce pot, 3-quart sauce pot, 4-quart sauce pot, 8.5-inch Titum nonstick sauté pan, 11-inch sauté pan, 12.5-inch sauté pan, 8-quart stockpot, 2-quart saucier, 6-quart rondeau, 8.5-inch universal lid, 12.5-inch universal lid. The lids are designed with steam vents to reduce boil overs, pressure and eliminate rattling.

    The Keller Insignia collection also includes a 7-piece set, 2-piece set, set of 2 sauté pans, set of 2 non-stick pans, 2-quart saucier, 6-quart rondeau, 9-quart rondeau, 8.5-inch sauté pan, 11-inch sauté pan, 12.5-inch sauté pan, 8.5-inch non-stick sauté pan, 11-inch non-stick sauté pan, 12.5-inch sauté pan, 1.5-quart sauce pot, 0.75-quart butter warmer, 3-quart sauce pot, 4-quart sauce pot, 8-quart stock pot and 12-quart stock pot.

    The cookware is dishwasher safe with most items oven and broil safe to 600° Fahrenheit, the notable exceptions being the non-stick pans that are oven-safe to 500° Fahrenheit.

    In August, Hestan and Keller announced their partnership that culminated from the chef’s longstanding experience with Hestan’s culinary products long used in his restaurants. In his role as brand ambassador, Keller will provide culinary guidance and inspiration to the development of the new cookware now available.