Home Baking Expected To Rise Again in 2021


Following a year that saw significant growth in home baking, that trend is expected to continue in 2021 even as COVID-related restrictions are relaxed.

A recent report from market research firm Packaged Facts said sales of baking-related products in the year ahead will remain strong, building off growth of 24% in 2020.

“Sales are expected to continue rising in 2021 as consumers continue to work from home or spend more leisure time at home,” said Jennifer Mapes-Christ, food and beverage publisher for Packaged Facts. “Comfort and wellness trends that have a positive effect on baking activity are also expected to continue in 2021.”


This continued growth will be welcome news to those selling consumables and savvy kitchenware retailers looking for new opportunities to sell bakeware and accessory products.

As Americans sought out the safety of home during the pandemic, sales of baking-related products reached $26.5 billion, Packaged Facts said. The growth reversed a trend seen the prior four years when product sales were modest. 

During their time at home, consumers found comfort and stress relief from baking and many used the opportunity to create healthy treats to help improve their overall well-being. 

While there is some thought that consumers could look to take part in activities outside their home as COVID restrictions loosen, home baking product sales are expected to stay strong.

Packaged Facts said that sales of baking products will be higher in 2025 than in 2019 as a result of consumers view bake-at-home as an activity.