Inovant To Launch U.S.-Made Kitchen Appliances In Q1


    Inovant, a newly launched west coast-based company will soon offer an assortment of countertop appliances that will be manufactured in the United States.

    In a press release, the company said its mission “will be to bring beautiful, innovative and functional home appliances that instill customer excitement, elevate creative industrial design and engineering to new heights, are manufactured (domestically) and retail at an accessible price.”

    While specifics on the types of products that would be in the company’s initial assortment were not immediately available, a company spokesperson said the company’s focus initially will be on the kitchen and cooking space.


    Inovant will keep all product development and manufacturing in-house, as well as operate its own marketing, sales, distribution and after-sales support departments. In an effort to keep prices low, Inovant will offer online ordering and direct-to-customer sales.

    “It is with great honor to see this life-long dream of mine, which represents the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, finally materialize,” said Ethan Weston-Altea, the company’s founder. “To bring revolutionary products that make a difference in people’s lives, right at the center of their own home, is one of the highest accomplishments any designer or engineer could dream to accomplish, and I can’t wait to show you some of the exciting things we’ve got awaiting you.”

    Inovant will begin with releasing a selection of consumer home appliances that were originally invented by Weston-Altea and designed and engineered by him and his team. Inovant will reveal more details of its initial product lineup towards the end of Q1, which will become part of a large and rapidly expanding product line.

    The company’s new factory in Fresno, Calif., is set to be completed and begin initial production runs in Summer 2021, with production capacity gradually increasing and expected to reach full manufacturing capability by mid-2022.