Invest In A Home Espresso Maker, Coffee Shop Lady Says

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    The love Americans have for coffee continues, and the brewing both at home and at the local coffee shop is expected to grow.

    Recent statistics from the National Coffee Association show overall coffee consumption up 5% since 2015. Additionally, 7 in 10 drink coffee every week and 62% down a cup of joe daily. On average, Americans drink just more than three cups a day. 

    While most Americans consume their favorite brew at home, they also frequently visit their local coffee shop, which over time can become an expensive endeavor. 


    But the Coffee Shop Lady, Sherry Harris, shares her insight into why owning an espresso machine is a good investment and one that will allow coffee drinkers to enjoy their favorite beverage at home while saving money. Her 10 reasons are below:

    • It Makes Economic Sense

    A single espresso can cost upwards of $4.50 at a local coffee shop. With a one-time investment for a quality espresso machine, you can brew your favorite beverage daily for pennies on the dollar. Depending on how often you drink espresso, your machine will pay for itself within a year or less.

    • Gain Full Control

    Owning your own machine gives you complete control over how strong to make your espresso. No more puzzled looks from your barista having to remember your order. No more paying extra because you want exotic milk. Get your espresso when you want it without the wait in line.

    • In Search Of The Perfect Espresso

    With your own espresso machine, you have the freedom to explore all of your options. Use the exact amount of cream you like (or no cream at all) in your drink. Mix and match flavors. Try different coffee beans and grind them however you wish.

    • It’s Quick And Easy To Use

    It’s quick and easy to prepare your morning cup of espresso. With a no-hassle machine, you preheat, grind your beans, tamp your grounds, pull your shot and steam your milk. Regardless of your skill level, you’ll brew the perfect espresso.

    • Fresh Coffee Is Undeniably Good

    No more coffee pods or ground coffee that’s lost their oomph. Now, you can buy coffee beans from Kenya to Colombia to Vietnam and grind them in your own kitchen.

    • Try Different Types Of Grinds

    Want a stronger espresso or something more festive? Adjust the grind without being charged for your extra instructions. You have options for fine, medium-fine, or a coarse ground and everything in between.

    • Sustainable Brew

    Learn about the best espresso machines here. These machines promote a more green, sustainable lifestyle. No more fuel for coffee shop runs, no more waste of paper cups, cup holders, plastic straws. Use a personal reusable cup. No need to throw away empty pods or used coffee filters.

    • Be The Life Of The Party

    Break out the espresso machine, take orders, and dole out drinks like cappuccino, latte, macchiato or mocha. This also works for neighborhood or block parties.

    • Bring Out The Artist In You

    Create as many espresso coffees as you want with your espresso machine. Feel accomplished as you learn how to pour microfoam into a shot of espresso while creating unique designs on the surface of the latte.

    • You Can Buy Happiness

    Picture yourself waking up to a fresh espresso without waiting. Enjoy your morning espresso in the comfort of your own home without having to get dressed if you don’t want to. Relax at your dining table, balcony or lanai.