Joseph Joseph Launches Recycling Bin Assortment

    Joseph Joseph
    Joseph Joseph's 46-liter recycling collector and caddy set.

    With the goal of making recycling efforts at home easier for consumers, Joseph Joseph is now offering its GoRecycle line of collectors and caddies.

    Four items comprise the new assortment: 46-liter recycling collector and caddy set, 28-liter recycling caddy, 32-liter recycling caddy and 14-liter recycling caddy. 

    Priced at $59, the two-piece collector and caddy set from Joseph Joseph includes a 14-liter caddy that has two compartments for waste separation and a 32-liter recycling collection. The caddy features two 7-liter compartments and lids the create carry handles while the 32-liter unit features one-way lid flaps that trap items inside. 


    The 28-liter caddy offers two 14-liter compartments that allow for pre-sorting, storage and easy transport of various types of recyclable products. Ideal for glass, paper, metal and plastic, the lids create a convenient carry handle. The unit is priced at $39.

    Joseph Joseph’s 32-liter recycling collector offers a single large compartment with a clip-on lid featuring one-way flaps that help trap items as they are pushed in. A deep lid rim hides messy liner overhang. Designed for mixed crushable recycling such as plastic, paper and cans, the bin is priced at $39.

    Rounding out the new collection is the 14-liter recycling caddy. Offering two 7-liter compartments for easy separation that allows each side to be emptied independently, the lift lids create a convenient carry handle. The caddy is priced at $29.