Jura Launches Glacette For Milk-Based Beverages

    Jura, coffee
    Jura's new Glacette shown with its ENA 8 coffee machine.

    In an effort to enhance the home-coffee drinking experience, Jura has launched a new device designed to assist with preparing milk for specialty beverages. 

    The company’s new Glacette features a two-piece container with a twist-off bottom and an insulating sleeve that can be frozen and fits around Jura’s glass milk container (sold separately) to keep milk cool and ready for use up to two hours. 

    To use, simply slide the frozen sleeve into the Glacette, twist on the base, and then insert the Jura Glass Milk Container. The snug fit helps keep milk cold that can be used for creating milk foam or froth for a variety of specialty coffees including cappuccino, flat white and latte macchiato.


    Offered in black or white, the Glacette has a retail price of $60 and is available for immediate shipping. The Jura Glass Milk Container, which is sold separately, is $50.