Keurig Launches ‘Smart’ Coffeemaker

    Keurig's K-Supreme Plus Smart Brewer.

    Keurig has brewed a new “smart” coffeemaker touted by the company as a next-generation technology that will allow consumers to make coffee to their specific tastes.

    The K-Supreme Plus Smart Brewer with BrewID technology recognizes the specific brand and roast of the K-Cup pod and automatically customizes the brew settings to the recommendations of the coffee expert who created it. 

    BrewID unlocks customized settings for more than 900 K-Cup pod varieties available in the Keurig system. Consumers can also put their own spin on perfection, by fine-tuning it even more with an expanded range of temperature, strength and size settings.


    “The K-Supreme Plus Smart brewer is the first offering within our next-generation portfolio of brewers, designed to enhance and elevate the at-home coffee experience,” said Mauricio Leyva, president of Coffee Systems at Keurig Dr Pepper.

    In addition to BrewID, the K-Supreme Plus Smart has a host of features designed to deliver a perfectly customized cup of coffee and overall convenience with the brewing experience, including:

    Connected Convenience: Consumers can save their coffee preferences, schedule a brew in advance or brew a cup from anywhere via the Keurig mobile app

    SMART Auto-Delivery: BrewID helps to manage a consumer’s pantry, with the ability to reorder K-Cup pods based on their consumption so they don’t run out

    MultiStream Technology:  Keurig’s most recent advanced brewing feature, MultiStream Technology, uses five streams of water instead of one to thoroughly saturate the coffee grounds to extract full flavor and aroma from every cup

    Sleek Design: Premium black stainless-steel finish and a 78-ounce. removable reservoir

    Levya added, “This capability would not be possible without the strength of our coffee expertise and our robust partner network of coffee brands, which is why only Keurig could deliver this type of customization and variety selection.”

    At an MSRP of $199.99, the K-Supreme Plus Smart brewer with BrewID is available today on, with plans for national expansion in Fall 2021 at preferred retailers including Best Buy.