KitchenAid Tabs Honey As Color of the Year

    KitchenAid, Honey
    KitchenAid's Artisan Stand Mixer and power blender in Honey.

    KitchenAid has long been known for its eye-catching color palette and for 2021 has selected Honey as its Color of the Year.

    According to the company, the warm hues combined with a golden and orange undertone allows KitchenAid to radiate positivity and warmth. 

    “For KitchenAid, it has become increasingly evident that the warmth of humanity is paramount,” said Jon Bellante, the company’s global marketing director. “Honey isn’t just a product we use in recipes around the globe; it’s an invitation to connect and a reminder of the joy that comes from collaboration. Through the color Honey, KitchenAid offers everyone a new way to bond over making while bringing an extra touch of warmth directly to their countertops.”


    Jessica McConnell, director of Whirlpool Color, Finish & Material Design, noted that warm, rich hues such as honey are dominating across interiors and fashion.

    With Honey, KitchenAid marries the sweetness of togetherness with a golden-orange shade consumers are already naturally gravitating towards,” she said.

    The company is offering Honey in its iconic stand mixer and a range of appliances including high-performance blenders, processors and refrigerators.