Le Creuset Goes Subtle With New Marble Collection

    Le Creuset
    Le Creuset Marble French press and mugs.

    Le Creuset is best known for its colorful assortment of cookware and bakeware, with each launch much awaited by consumers and retailers alike.

    But the company’s latest offering, Marble, offers a more muted approach while still providing a unique look that will fit comfortably in nearly every kitchen. 

    Available for a limited time, the collection offers a handful of pieces: a round Dutch oven for $380, a set of 4 mugs for $80 and a French press for $80.


    Perhaps the most interesting item in Marble collection from Le Creuset is the French press. It allows for the use of coarsely ground coffee beans or loose tea leaves that are steeped in boiling water and then filtered away by plunging the mesh sieve through the press. Crafted from stoneware for optimal heat retention, the French press is finished with a vibrant glaze.