LG Brings Air Sous Vide Feature To InstaView Range

    LG InstaView Range with Air Sous Vide.

    LG Electronics continues to expand its assortment of major appliances with the addition of the InstaView Range, which will officially debut at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show.

    Offering a capacity of 6.3 cubic feet, the new oven offers Air Sous Vide technology along with Air Fry mode and ProBake Convection technology. Additionally, the InstaView oven panel illuminates with two quick knocks.

    Using the new Air Sous Vide mode, LG’s range cooks food in vacuum-sealed bags with precise low temperature and controlled airflow – perfect for elevated dishes. The vacuum-sealed foods are able to lock in maximum flavor and aroma to elevate home-cooked dishes right in the oven without the inconvenience of water baths or countertop appliances that take up extra counter space. 


    The Air Sous Vide is able to maintain any temperature between 100 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 48 hours without water to deliver consistent results.

    Also, LG’s Air Fry technology helps home cooks prepare guilt-free versions of their favorites without all the oil while the ProBake Convection helps roast meats to perfection and evenly bakes cookies and pies.

    The InstaView technology automatically turns on an interior light to make visually checking the progress inside quick and convenient without opening the oven door and slowing down the cooking process. 

    For added style and function, the range also features LED-illuminated knobs so users can quickly see if their range burners are on from a distance. 

    To help with clean up, the EasyClean technology offered on the cooktop surface and inside the oven allows the user to spray surfaces with just water and then press “EasyClean.” Ten minutes later, a quick wipe cleans up the mess from cooking.

    The LG range also can be controlled and monitored using the ThinQ app connected to the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa smart speakers. The company also partners with SideChef, Innit, Drop and Tovala to offer helpful culinary inspiration through the hundreds of easy-to-follow recipes on their apps.