Lodge Heats Up Cast Iron Cookware Assortment

    Lodge, cast iron, cookware
    Lodge's 14-inch dual handle skillet.

    Best known for its assortment of cast iron cookware, Lodge recently unveiled three new American-made cooking devices. 

    The Chef Collection 14-inch dual handle skillet is a spacious skillet that is also spatula-friendly. The naturally seasoned cast iron cooking surface offers even heat retention and can be used in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a fire. Retail price is $69.95.

    The 14-inch cast iron wok from Lodge is designed with the familiar bowl-shaped cooking surface and can be used to make everything from classic stir-fry dishes, ramen, fajitas, and scrambled eggs. 


    Designed with deep sidewalls to keep everything contained as you cook, the wok can also handle frying and steaming. The flat base is ideal for all cooking surfaces, and the sturdy dual handles help you maneuver around the kitchen with ease. Seasoned and ready to use, the wok is priced at $69.95.

    Moving outside of the kitchen, the Lodge Sportsman is a hibachi-style grill that features a four-piece design. The removable grill grate allows for hassle-free assembly and cleanup. Dual air vents let you control the heat as you cook.

    Crafted with iron and oil, Lodge naturally seasons the cooking surface. The grill also comes with a set of steel hook & carry handles for a secure, safe grip when lifting or maneuvering the grill. Retail price is $179.95.