Lodge Heats Up Outdoor Cooking With New Kickoff Grill

    Lodge, Kickoff Grill
    Lodge's new Kickoff Grill.

    Much of the U.S. has endured a tough winter, but Lodge is casting an eye toward the summer with a new Kickoff Grill.

    Designed for a variety of uses that include grilling in the backyard, on vacation or tailgating, the portable unit is made of two cast iron pieces that require no assembly. Made in America, the grill is offered with a set of steel hook & carry handles to provide a secure, safe grip. 

    Seasoned with 100% natural vegetable oil, the two-piece design allows for coals to be added while a simple twist of the top piece provides adjustment of airflow. The grill is priced at $99.95.


    In addition to the Kickoff Grill, Lodge is offering a selection of new items with the outdoor grilling in mind. The products include: