Lodge Brings Its Cast Iron Expertise Into Bakeware

    Lodge's new cast iron bakeware.

    Best known for its cast iron cookware, Lodge is launching a new assortment of cast iron bakeware with the initial selection featuring eight pieces.

    In announcing the new collection on its website, the company said each piece features a design that is easy to grip, lift and move about the kitchen. All items are made in the United States.

    The Bakeware Essentials line is touted by Lodge as offering home cooks and bakers a new solution to make various baked goods including cookies, jelly rolls, cakes and lasagna and includes five pieces:

    • 9-inch seasoned cast iron pan, $22.95
    • 10.25-inch seasoned cast iron baker’s skillet, $22.95
    • 9-inch by 13-inch seasoned cast iron casserole, $42.95
    • 15-inch seasoned cast iron pizza pan, $42.95
    • 15.5-inch by 10.5-inch seasoned cast iron baking pan, $42.95

    Products in the Specialty Bakeware line are designed to make desserts and breads with each pan providing “excellent heat retention” for consistent, even baking and includes three pieces:

    • Seasoned cast iron cornstick pan, $22.90
    • 8.5-inch by 4.5-inch seasoned cast iron loaf pan, $22.95
    • Seasoned cast iron wedge pan, $22.95

    In addition to offering the full collection for sale on its website, Lodge provides consumers an overview of the benefits of using cast iron bakeware and a host of recipes.