Made In Expands Cutlery Assortment

    Made In
    Made In's new Nakiri Knife (top) and Bread Knife (bottom).

    Made In continues to grow its assortment of food preparation products with the latest additions serving to expand the company’s line of cutlery.

    The Nakiri and Bread knives were originally offered featuring limited edition handles. Now, after the initial assortment sold out, Made In has added the knives to its full line featuring its legacy colored handles. 

    According to the company, the Nakiri Knife is designed for chopping and dicing vegetables. The blade is a staple of Japanese cuisine with its straight, symmetrical edged knife. It is a full tang, fully forged knife made by fifth-generation bladesmiths. 


    Offered in Pomme Red, Truffle Black and Beaune Gray, the 6-inch Nakiri Knife is priced at $89. 

    Made In’s Bread Knife it touted as a tool for sourdough, ciabatta and baguettes. Designed in partnership with Chef Nancy Silverton, the knife features a serrated blade and is designed with a pointed and wide serration profile that is said to offer the best bread carving performance. 

    The Bread Knife is fully-forged and full tang, resulting in a blade that will stay sharp and durable.

    Offered in Pomme Red, Truffle Black and Beaune Gray, the 9-inch knife is priced at $99.