Messermeister Lights Up Knife Storage With New Magnetic Block

    Messermeister's new magnetic knife block.

    Messermeister is now offering home chefs new ways to safely store cutlery while also making a strong design statement on the countertop.

    The company’s Next Level Magnetic Knife Block offers a modern ventilated designed that is available in two styles; lighted and unlighted.

    The lighted version integrates a bank of ultraviolet (UV) LEDs that illuminate the inside of the block for five minutes with the touch of a button. UV lights run on three standard AAA batteries (not included).


    The open panels are easy to clean and allow for airflow, creating a dry environment that limits the growth of microorganisms.

    Knives can be placed in any configuration on the soft magnetic pads. The Acacia wood panels can safely hold knives with blades up to 10.5 inches long, as well as steels and scissors. As many as 16 knives can be stored.

    To care for the knife blocks, Messermeister recommends removing all cutlery before cleaning. The blocks can be wiped down with a damp towel and mild detergent and should be rinsed and dried immediately. Mineral oil can be used on wood surfaces when dry.

    The lighted unit is priced at $99.95 while the non-lighted unit is priced at $$79.95.