More Coffee Drinkers Brewing Their Favorite Beverage At Home


    Coffee remains the morning fuel for many Americans, but where they get their favorite brew has changed a bit over the past year.

    A report from the NPD Group revealed the split between at-home and away-from-home coffee consumption shifted further toward home during the past 16 months. Prior to the pandemic, consumers sourced 73% of their favorite hot beverage from home and 27% from outside the home. Since the start of the pandemic, that split grew to 81%/19% home/outside the home.

    The increase in home consumption of coffee was driven mainly by consumer’s inability to visit their favorite coffee shop during the pandemic. As a result, they quenched their thirst for their favorite beverage at home. 


    According to NPD, sales of espresso machines, French presses and cold brew makers grew by double-digits for the 12 month period ending May 2021. Coffee accessories such as temperature-controlled mugs and milk frother wands also experienced double-digit growth. Sales of frothers, for example, increased by 120% this May compared to a year ago. 

    “Consumers’ palates are more sophisticated now when it comes to coffee. They’ve invested their time and money in bringing a gourmet coffee experience into their homes,” said Joe Derochowski, Home industry advisor at The NPD Group. “Even when they’re back to work or school, they’ll continue to get a return on their investment. Manufacturers can benefit by offering great taste, which is always key, the ability to adjust the taste, and versatility in enabling consumers to get that coffee house experience at home.”

    Coffee has long been a major segment in the world of kitchenware. Product suppliers over the past several years have stepped up their product development efforts with the goal of giving consumers items that allow them to bring the coffee shop experience home.

    While the basic drip coffeemaker remains the foundation of the category, retailers from the largest big-box chains to the local independent gourmet housewares stores offer consumers products that make lattes, cappuccinos and other specialty coffees at home.