Neat Method Expands Home Organization Mix

    Neat Method
    Neat Method's Acacia turntable.

    Neat Method continues to expand its assortment of home organization products and has added several new items for use around the house.

    Among the products now available are the acacia turntables. Offered in two sizes — 13.5-inches and 10.5-inches — the new items are designed to maximize surface space in standard cabinets, pantry shelves and larger spaces as well. 

    The turntables can accommodate a variety of products including cooking oils, vinegar, spices and condiments. The turning mechanism is a steel ball rotating with a plastic cover allowing for a whisper-quiet and smooth turn.


    Offered in Neat Method’s oil-rubber acacia, the material is a sustainable hardwood offering an array of tones from light to dark. No two items in the collection are exactly the same, which allows them to work comfortably in a variety of cabinet designs. 

    Also new are the company’s Oxford bins. Offered in three sizes — medium, cube and large — each bin is designed to accommodate a variety of items. The polished interior is designed to eliminate snags on delicate fabrics while the exterior features upholstery-grade fabric is said to offer long-lasting durability.

    Rounding out the new products is the Eyelash bin. Constructed of cotton rope, the soft material was used to eliminate concerns of damage to floors and other surfaces as the bin is dragged from spot to spot around the home. The bins are also sized to fit a variety of cubby storage systems sold at retailers such as Pottery Barn and Ikea.