Neat Method Kitchen Org Line Offers Style, Functionality

    Neat Method
    Neat Method launched a kitchen and pantry organization line.

    Neat Method recently launched its Kitchen and Pantry Collection of home organization products, the first line offered as part of the company’s move into the retail space.

    Now available on, the line includes a range of baskets, bins, drawer dividers, canisters, labels, turntables and risers, in a variety of colors, finishes and durable natural materials, from sustainable acacia wood to powder-coated metals that hold up to everyday use.

    Following the launch of the Kitchen and Pantry line, Neat Method co-founder Marissa Hagmeyer spoke with Kitchenware Today about the new assortment, the thought process behind the product designs and what’s next.


    KITCHENWARE TODAY: With Neat Method’s new kitchen assortment, how does this differ from other assortments currently available?
    MARISSA HAGMEYER: Our kitchen and pantry collection has many differentiators but the most notable is the multi-functional nature of the products, their elevated aesthetic and the use of sustainable materials as often as possible.

    KT: Was there an overall goal in mind when developing the new line?
    MH: Our goal at Neat Method has always been to simply to inspire change one space at a time. We truly believe that the function of a home should be the foundation of how one lives, and by implementing organizational systems and products, it frees up more time to do the things we love. We developed our products to be approachable, affordable and easy to implement so that our customers can spend more time doing what is most important to them.

    KT: Please highlight some of the unique aspects of the assortment.
    MH: The consistent color across all items in the collection (matte black, matte brass and matte gray) are unique aspects of our assortment. We want to have both warm and cool tones to cater to all aesthetics. Brass, gray and black are trending, yet classic colors, and using a matte finish instead of a sheen helps them blend into their environment. The use of metal and wood together is also unique in the industry. This provides an elevated look that makes you want to take the baskets beyond your kitchen and sprinkle them throughout the rest of your home. All of our pieces can be used in multiple areas of the home, even though they were designed for the kitchen and pantry.

    Our label holder set is unlike anything else in the marketplace. It has been a struggle for years to try and find a labeling system that works across many different types of baskets and home aesthetics and finally, we realized we just needed to create one.

    KT: Is Neat Method’s new kitchen line something a homeowner can self-install?
    MH: Absolutely! From our website verbiage to our blog to our social media we will be constantly providing tips and tricks to make installation and figuring out how to organize your own space incredibly easy. All of our pieces have elements that think ahead for the homeowner and protect their cabinets and shelves, which is definitely unique to our product line. We have had to improvise on these elements for years and wanted to make sure that no one else does.

    KT: How can consumers purchase the new Neat Method collection?
    MH: All of the items are available on our website and are also available through our local franchise owners/organizers if one decides they’d like a little help with the organizing. 

    KT: What’s next in terms of new products from Neat Method?
    MH: Well let’s just say we aren’t stopping with our kitchen and pantry collection and there may be a mini-collection launching sooner rather than later. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter to catch the latest and greatest.