New Capresso Tool Outlines Cost Savings of Iced Tea Brewer

    Capresso's Iced Tea Maker.

    Making your favorite dish or drink at home offers major cost savings over purchasing packaged goods at the grocery store or meals made at a local restaurant. 

    To show consumers how much money they could save by brewing their own iced tea at home, Capresso has launched an online Iced Tea Sip & Save feature.

    The new tool from the maker of home beverage makers quantifies how much the average iced tea drinker who enjoys an average of two servings each day will save in a year by brewing at home with the Iced Tea Maker.


    According to Capresso, the savings add up to more than $1,000 annually versus buying iced tea ready-made and more than $1,500 per year versus buying iced tea at a café. 

    “This is a classic win-win for the consumer,” said David Shull, executive vice president, Marketing and Communications with Jura, Inc., the parent company of Capresso. “You get the convenience of iced tea any time you want it, plus the ability to custom brew to taste and pre-brew into a beautiful glass pitcher that you can store in the fridge. Plus you save money every day in the process.”

    Capresso’s Iced Tea Maker is able to custom brew a refreshing pitcher of iced tea at the touch of a button. It brews directly into a beautiful 80-ounce glass pitcher with a removable lid and easy-pour spout. The flavor enhancer adjusts brew strength from mild to strong taste and a removable permanent filter accommodates loose tea or tea bags.

    Fresh or frozen fruit can be added to the pitcher to make gourmet tea concoctions. The Capresso blog and social media also offer easy-to-make recipes to inspire creativity and new taste experiences.

    “This campaign is especially important to us because iced tea is no longer just a summer phenomenon,” said Shull. “Our Iced Tea Maker sells strongly all year. That expands our sales opportunity, and it adds value to the purchase decision for the consumer.”

    The Capresso Iced Tea Maker has an actual price of $59.99 and is available now.