New KitchenAid Series Takes A Unique Look at Home Design

    KitchenAid, Sabrina Soto
    Sabrina Soto.

    KitchenAid is launching a new series focused on the emerging discipline of “neuroaesthetics,” which studies how design impacts our brains and behavior. 

    Partnering with Vox Creative, the content series Design Minded explores the neurological and physiological benefits of design. Renowned designer Sabrina Soto and expert in neuroaesthetics Itai Palti work together to reimagine two homeowners’ spaces to serve their unique culinary needs, blending aesthetics and cognitive experience in the space. From leveraging the biophilia hypothesis to create a tranquil kitchen space to using the science of physical-social dimension for hosting guests, viewers will leave with an entirely new perspective on design, KitchenAid officials said.

    “A kitchen is far more than where we eat and cook,” said Priyanka Rathore, brand communications manager for KitchenAid. “We know the relationship to our home is holistic. From our productivity to our overall well-being, the design of our spaces deeply influences how we think, feel and live.”


    “As a designer, I’m always looking for products that exhibit the best of both form and function,” said Soto. “That’s why I was excited to be part of this project led by KitchenAid.”

    Meet the Designers

    • Sabrina Soto: Sabrina is a renowned interior designer, consultant, entrepreneur, and TV personality. In the series, she brings to life the KitchenAid brand’s design philosophy that our spaces should support both our aesthetic and emotional needs.
    • Itai Palti: Itai is a pioneer in neuroaesthetics, conscious design, and the evolving relationship we have with our interior spaces. In the series, Itai marries art and science to help reimagine the homeowners’ spaces.

    Meet the Homeowners

    • Jenné Claiborne: Jenné is a popular blogger, vegan chef, best-selling cookbook author, and new Atlanta homeowner. Her first cookbook Sweet Potato Soul offers 100 vegan soul food recipes that riff on southern soul food in delicious ways. Jenné’s main objective for her space is to create a tranquil sanctuary that brings the outside environment experience inside, to allow her to feel light, calm, and connected to nature.
    • Kate Arends: Kate Arends is a designer, tastemaker, founder of popular creative and lifestyle blog Wit and Delight and is in the process of renovating her St. Paul, Minnesota home. Kate is passionate about interior design and engaging her large follower base with her favorite finds, colors, and room-by-room renovations. In contrast to Jenné’s objectives, Kate’s desires for her kitchen space were all about color, texture, energy, and communal flow.

    Starting today, viewers can find the series here.