Ninja Launches Multi-Purpose Grill & Griddle

    Ninja , Foodi
    Ninja's Foodi XL Pro Grill & Griddle.

    All-in-one cooking has been the hallmark of Ninja’s small kitchen electrics assortment and its newest launch is no different. 

    The Foodi XL Pro Grill & Griddle offers multiple cooking options that allow home cooks to grill, griddle and air fry food from the convenience of their kitchen countertops.

    Touted by the company as its most powerful grill, the unit’s independently powered grate delivers 500° Fahrenheit of direct heat from edge to edge. Additionally, the appliance also offers the flexibility of hood-up or hood-down grill, allowing consumers to grill lighter, leaner proteins with the hood up or thicker, frozen proteins with the hood down.


    The grill is designed to cook for the family, accommodating up to six steaks, mains and sides at the same time. Also, the griddle’s 12-inch cooking surface can accommodate a whole platter of nachos, four sandwiches or six pancakes. 

    The new Ninja Foodi XL Pro Grill & Griddle is priced at $229.75 and is available at